Puck Catcher

About Us

An Idea Is Born

Dale was working as a Zamboni driver at a rink in Ontario, Canada.  After years of watching people down on their knees picking up pucks and carting milk crates or paint pails onto the ice, he thought, there must be a better way.

One night while hanging out with his brother Terry, the idea of a mini net that easily picks up and stores pucks came up.  After many trials and different prototypes, the first Puck Catcher was created.  

The Puck Catcher is the only patented gathering, storage, and carrying solution for hockey pucks.  It was meticulously designed using the most durable materials, manufactured overseas, then re-designed and improved to provide an even stronger, lighter, more manageable solution.  The Puck Catcher is now fully manufactured in the United States and Canada, can hold 40 pucks and has a unique shape that carries comfortably against the body.    

When The Puck Catcher was first introduced to the hockey market, orders started to come in from various Pro, College and Major Junior level teams. Shortly after, hundreds of local independent sport stores within Canada and the United States started carrying it. Skill development coaches and hockey training product websites found The Puck Catcher as a great training aid (in particular for passing). 

Winnwell Hockey licensed the product and large retail chains jumped on board (e.g., Canadian Tire, National Sports, Source For Sports) and now have become widely used in off ice games.