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The Kwik Passer


The Kwik Passer
The Kwik Passer The Kwik Passer The Kwik Passer


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  • The Kwik Passer is 100% Canadian Made. 
  • The Kwik Passer is made of high-quality materials with bumpers on each side.
  • The Kwik Passer is a puck rebounding training aid.
  • The purpose of the Kwik Passer is to work on passing and receiving pucks.
  • It is designed mainly for on-ice use. It has removable ice studs for use on smooth surfaces, like driveways and garage floors. Green Biscuit pucks suggested for smoother off-ice use.
  • The Kwik Passer weighs 22lbs, is 34” long, and has an oval hole in the center that makes for easy carrying.
  •  The Kwik Passer has a unique locking system that can interlock 2 Kwik Passer’s together to make an extended bumper for drills.
  • Our 2-bumper system allows it to be used by 2 players at the same time.
  • The Kwik Passer is a perfect training tool for every level of hockey player and can be incorporated into many different one-on-one hockey drills.
  • This is the 2nd product manufactured by Puck Catcher Inc.